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The following videos were produced in full high-definition as well as low-definition formats for those with and without an unlimited supply of data transfer per month, respectively. I am packaging the files in a zip format to allow for easy downloading and to avoid streaming a video that you may not be able to retrieve, and thus a waste of bandwidth.

Please judge for yourself based on the size file which, if any, format works best for you. A full high-definition video is 1920x1080. Just over 50% of the monitors in use today have a full-hd resolution or higher. If your resolution is not full-hd, you should download the low-resolution version which is slightly less than a regular high-definition(1280x720) at 1024x600. Both formats are MP4 compressed and therefore some clarity has been lost, but overall they look decent enough. And finally, if your computer is still burning wood or coal, it's unlikely that your system will be able to render the videos. Although, I have run the low-resolution videos on an older Samsung Galaxy Tab A(1024x768) with expanded memory, and had good results. Running the video through HDTV software has negative results, however when used as a monitor via computer video processing all is fine. I have a basic high-speed connection which downloaded the largest video in 37 minutes and the smallest in under 5 minutes. Without a high-speed connection I would guess overnight at best.

Lindsay East Ward Video

This is short video from a section along the old line that was bypassed by the railway in 1883, and also bypassed in the much larger video below. It is a trip up the Scugog River through the old East Ward of Lindsay that passes through the original, and functional, timber water lock built by the old mill. This short section of trackage and waterway is perhaps the most interesting section of the model to date, with many construction hours behind it.

Lindsay to Beaverton Video

This movie features a group of excursionists taking a budget trip on a mixed train heading west from Linsday through Beaverton. There they are dispatched to an arriving steamer headed for Strawberry Island on Lake Simcoe. Along the way they meet up with a few other trains heading in different directions and stop at a few of the flag stops. You may also see a short stretch of the trip through the eyes of hobo who jumped on board one of the boxcars when the train was running through Lindsay.

This is a very large video file that runs for an hour and twenty minutes. Being that this is an actual scale model of the railway it takes the same amount of time to move from one location to another. For watchability reasons, the train is run a at slightly higher speed, and some of the tasks are completed much quicker than they normally would be. The great thing about AI employees is they are always on time, never strike for back wages, and always keep the line in tip-top condition! They can, however, be a little rough on the equipment...


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